Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Productive Day

 Got our web pages all downloaded in preparation for my new pattern site. :-) Except for the deleted links that Bo will have to use FTTwhatever software. Apparently we have to rename the old site to upgrade, which would wipe everything...  Still got brain frazzle from yesterdays delve into techno-babble!!!

Didn't get time to improve the Blog. I need to fathom how to get comments section going and how to put links into a side column, might play later...

Getting better with the ANKARS technique. Lizbeth #20 wouldn't close easy on the larger rings of 10-10-10.  So I reduced the counts to 8-8-8 building up to 8-12-8 for the top ring and dug out my Olympus #40 and it works much better. I'd forgotten how nice it tats and some grand colour combos. Not sure if it's still available.  Hope so, I'd like to get some white for bridal tatting. "WHAT?" you say... I know I don't tat in white but for these one shuttle ANKARS - I could succumb. Going to put a rose in the centre from Jeanne Lugart. I've no idea how many I've made since she shared her design over a decade ago!  Where does time fly?

 I also gold leafed a few shuttles in preparation for shuttle exchanges. They still need sealing and decorating with Bindi's and then more layers of sealant.  I will show the results after two of 'em reach their destinations... This is just "dangling a carrot" <giggling> Unfortunately the photo doesn't show the gilding too well. Top centre is a Joyti shuttle from India. Other three are Susan Bates - not sure if they still distribute the one's with picks?

 I've made two starts on the bookmark which is part of one exchange and I'm still not happy with the results... Time to rethink on that! Off to play catch up on Jane's latest TIAS

Love, light & Peace


  1. Thank you for the kind comment Sue. I am always pleased to see someone using the Rose. It will look great in the center.